Talking Pit bulls with Tom Garner


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I recently took a trip to Tom's place and thought that I would share some updated pictures of some of Tom's best known dogs still around today!


Here I am with Bolo, Tom told me that he believes that he will take over where Frisco left off. Bolo is an awesome dog! He was the most impressive dog on Tom's yard, in my opinion!
Elmo is the biggest baby all he wanted was some attention, so what could I do. I let him crawl right into my lap!


El Negro was a little shy at first but after that he enjoyed the attention!


This is my bud! Champion Hickory Tee, the father of my little Hickory Stick! He can't have enough good things said about him he is probably Frisco's best son alive today!


This is Little Spike he is all bulldog!


Rocso is out of old Eli blood from Mexico. He has got to be one of the strongest pits I've ever been around for his size and build!
Last but not least, Tom stopped for a moment to pose for a photo with me and my new boy!

Thanks Tom for the great pup and visit. Hope to see you again soon!

Dave Sexton